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5th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEU 2022)

March 12~13, 2022, Virtual Conference

Accepted Papers
Paper Title: Comparative Study on Performance of Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) Steel Platform Structures using SCBF Frames, Spatial Trusses and CFST Frames

Hassan Gomar, Structural engineer in MAPNA GROUP MD1 Co, Iran, Shahin Bagheri,Head of cooling systems in MAPNA GROUP MD1 Co, Iran, Nader Keyvan, Engineering vice president in MAPNA GROUP MD1 Co, Iran, Dr. Mozhdeh Shirinzadeh, Researcher at Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Iran


Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) platform structures are the most complicated and principal structures in power plants and other industrial parts which need to condense the low-pressure steam in the cycle. Providing large spans for this structure has a great merit as there would be more space for other subordinate buildings and pertinent equipment. Moreover, applying methods to reduce overall cost of construction while maintaining its strength against severe seismic loading are of high significance. Tabular spatial trusses and composite frames have been widely used in recent years to satisfy the need of higher strength with reasonable price. In this research program, three different structural systems have been regarded for ACC steel platform using Special Concentrate Braced Frames (SCBF), which is the most common system (first scheme), modular spatial frames (second scheme) and finally a modified method applying Concrete Filled Steel Tabular (CFST) columns (third scheme). Finite element method using Sap2000 and Etabs software conducted to investigate the behavior of the structures and make a precise comparison between the models. According to the results, the total weight of steel structure in the second scheme decreases by 13% compared to the first scheme and applying CFST columns in the third scheme causes a 3% reduction in total weight of the structure in comparison with the second scheme while all the lateral displacements and P-M interaction ratios are in the admissible limit.


Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) platform structures, SCBF FRAMES, SPATIAL Trusses, CFST FRAMES.

Adobe construction in 19th century citadels in Morocco : Mechanical and soil characteristics

Omar KHTOU ,Moulay Ismail University, Morocco, Issam AALIL, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco, Mohamed ABOUSSALEH, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco


The characteristic architecture in the oases of south-eastern Morocco is that of raw earth construction. This is done through two techniques: Rammed earth and adobe. This work is carried out with the aim of preserving this ancestral know-how by studying a construction dating back two centuries. The first step is to characterize a soil extracted from the remains of an old building, the grain size and plasticity of the soil showed that it was not very clayey and moderately plastic and that it was suitable for earth construction. Secondly, the study focuses on the mechanical resistance of blocks extracted from the remains studied, the result obtained satisfies all the standards. In order to characterize the durability of the adobe, we made samples of the earthen bricks with a similar soil and the study showed good durability of the adobe construction., the raw earth is a material that can stand in time. And finally, the reusability of the earth material from old buildings has been studied, the results have shown that raw earth is a perfectly reusable material, which makes it the ideal ecological material.


Vernacular construction ; adobe; soil characteristics; mechanical characteristics.